Riffle does Advertising & Marketing & Design in the Quad Cities

We’re glad you dropped by.
We’re Riffle.
We’re smart.
We’re creative.
And we’re really quite good.
We love advertising.
It’s a business of ideas.
Ideas talk to people.
We make you a priority at Riffle.
We promise not to leave you hanging.

This is Riffle.
We used to be known as Oh Frenzy!
It was a good handle.

But we added a training/human resources component
and thought it made us something new.
So we needed a new name.

We chose Riffle. We liked it. It sounded right.

Back in the 90s, we built the agency on tv and radio;
today we do all the other gotta-have stuff
most businesses need for advertising.
Time for a change? You can bury your
hood in the sand and keep doing
the same old thing.

Or you can call Riffle.

How do you distinguish
yourself from competitors
who look a lot like you?
Real creative.
Established or a start-up,
we’ve helped lots of businesses
change their message and change
the conversation about them.
Don’t just stand there.
Get people talking.

We like looking at other peoples’ work
as much as the next guy. If you’re
looking for an agency, you want
to see something.

Go ahead.
Pore over these.
We’ve got more.
We’ll be glad to show you.

Bass Street Chop House


Evolution Power Tools

"Product Brochure"

Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Society

"Newsletter Redesign"

Children's Therapy Center

"Chuck Long Charity Sports Auction"

Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Jazz Fest

"Souvenir Booklet"

Quad City Arts

"Annual Report"

Children's Therapy Center

"Polo Club Charity Event"

Farmers and Merchants Bank

"No Strings Checking"

Adler Theater

Riverside Products

Grace Lutheran Church

Mercer County Hospital

Flying Above The Clouds

Riverside 50th Anniversary

Tailz 'Er Waggin'

The Landing

Hotel Blackhawk Pre-Opening

"Did the Blackhawk"

Scott County Health Dept.

"Live Lead Free"

Downtown Davenport

"Summer Fests"

Central Bank, Illinois

"Go Paperless"


"I Protest"

Farmers and Merchants Bank

"Adventures in         Banking"

Scott County Lead

"Live Lead Free"

Country Manor Chocolates

"Public Service        Announcement"


"Angry Name"

Gabrilson Indoor Climate Solutions

"Love That Gabrilson   Van"

Country House

"You'll like how we   feel"

Zimmerman Honda

"Word Association"

Shortfolio Landing

Understandably, people are ambivalent about training
It interrupts. It can be tedious.
And some trainers are a real snooze.

Not at Riffle. 

Our training side is impressive,
and it complements our marketing side. 
Through our experiences, we’ve come to understand people better,
what motivates them, how to reach them, work with them.
It’s a perfect combination for re-branding and other big projects.
Effective training stands tall at Riffle.

Most people like to talk, especially about
their business. So do we. We’d love to
sit down and see if we’re a match.

radio/video/jingles/web design/public relations/media buying
annual reports/jingles/outdoor/brochures/newsletters/logo design
research/identity packages/festival promotion/fundraising collateral
tagline development/print advertising/project management/direct mail
coaching/team building/personality assessment/succession planning/SWOT
analysis/leadership/performance training/retreats/productivity-waste control

We include this partial list here after we found people
going somewhere else for say, a logo, telling us,
Oh, we didn’t know you did that. Well, we do.

Call us 563.324.0900 or
email us to say hello at

You have to be wired a little differently to be a creative in advertising.
It’s important to have a natural interest in a little bit of everything.
A healthy dose of talent helps.

When all of the elements in your marketing align, it’s a beautiful thing. Investigation  + Creation + Execution = Sales.

We thank all of our clients who have helped us help them realize that we both want the same thing, and have allowed us to do our job.
When we call them friends, it’s makes the job that more enjoyable.

We know some people think that maybe they need a bigger agency.
The ability to do the job well seems more important to us.
We think small is not the opposite of big; it’s often better. 
Small means we respond quickly, meeting tight deadlines.
Small means we have time to talk, to understand your story.
Small succeeds because we’re good, not big.
If you really want to “go big,” consider a small agency.
Like Riffle. We can do great things together.
Like the old song says, “leave your worries on the doorstep.”
Direct your feet to the Riffle side of the street.

Member, Quad Cities Chamber
Member, AAFQC
Member, AAFDubuque
Member, AIGA

Riffle has legs...sorry, we couldn’t resist. But it’s true. We’ve been doing our thing since 1994, winning Best of Show at the Addys our first time
to the rodeo. Since then we’ve won more awards, been in a few publications...and created some nice work along the way.   

Yes, we used to be Oh Frenzy! It was a good name. But now we’re Riffle. Look around our site, you’ll see a lot of definitions for Riffle. We’re adding another one...us.

RIFFLE DEFINITION 7: To create an ad agency that has no agenda except to do good work and play fair.

Maybe more shops should riffle.

We’ve worked in a variety of categories...banking, healthcare,
retail, entertainment, service industry and more.
We’ve done a little bit of everything.
We like new challenges, new clients.
We won’t saddle you with the same old media choices either.
We look at everything with fresh eyes every time.
Isn’t that what you want with an agency?

Your business is stuck. In a rut, underperforming. Or you’ve got some employees who need help. Sometimes you just have to call for someone outside the organization.

Now a performance consultant might sound a bit pretentious, but it’s really not. At Riffle, we’ve helped dozens
of companies, in all kinds of categories: Healthcare. Manufacturing. Banking. Education.
Donna is our go-to person here. She’s got a Master’s in Adult Ed, and she’s certified in a lot of training programs you’d probably recognize. People like her, relate to her. She’s real.
She won’t come in and talk at you. She listens.
And then something good happens.
Employees listen back.
And respond.

That’s because Donna’s style is highly interactive, hands-on and motivational. She meets participants where they are at skill-wise
and helps to move them to another level of competence.
If you need training, give Riffle a call. Ask for Donna.
She’d love to visit with you and see if she can help.

Member, Quad Cities Chamber
Member, Women’s Connection
Member, ASTD